Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Month of August

  • is the 8th month of the year.
  • one of 7 months having 31 days.
  • originally named ‘Sextilis’ meaning the 6th month before January and February were added to the original 10-month calendar.
  • named after the Roman Emperor Augustus, a nephew of Julius Ceasar.
  • originally had only 30 days but was lengthened to 31 as the Roman Senate thought it should equal Julius’ month (July) as they are both superior. Hence, August breaks the chain of alternating 30 and 31 days (except February) in the Julian Calendar.
  • August and February start on the same day in leap years while in ordinary years, August starts on the day of the week like no other months do.
  • the extra day that was added to August was taken from February which then had 29 days in common years and 30 in leap years. This was done to adjust and fill the importance of August.
  • people born on this month fall under the signs of Leo and Virgo.
  • birthstone is Peridot.
  • birth flower is Poppy.
  • August is the month when the Perseids meteor shower occurs.
  • Ushers the ‘BER’ months.
  • Famous birthday celebrants of this month include US President Barrack Obama, King of Pop Michael Jackson, Queen Elizabeth (the mother), Astronaut Neil Armstrong, Mother Teresa, NBA Star Kobe Bryant, Wrestling Superstar Hulk Hogan, Novelist Danielle Steel, Pop Icon Madonna, Actors Ben Affleck and Richard Gere, Jonas Brothers’ Joe and Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint.

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